Croatian natural limestone – Final products

Final products of Croatian natural limestone are affordable. Unlike other materials, it has a longer lifespan, is more resistant to the weather and its maintenance requires minimal time and money.

Natural stone is an excellent insulator. By installing, it reduces the costs of using air conditioning and heating to a minimum. Limestone is also a good sound insulator because, with the additional installation of good windows and doors, you can forget about the noise. Natural limestone is also fire-resistant.

Croatian limestone products used in construction and architecture are environmentally friendly because they do not require additional maintenance by chemicals or coatings, and last for years.

Limestone blocks

Croatian limestone blocks are available in the most common sizes of 3.5-4.5 m3 (2950 x 1200 x 1150 or 2600 x 1400 x 1050), specific weight 2700 kg

Limestone slabs

Limestone slabs can be available in a variety of sizes. Available in finishes: Sawn, Brushed, Polished, Anti-brushed, Stocked, Stock + brushed, Sandblasted, Sandblasted + brushed.

Facade limestone

The facade is most exposed to different weather conditions. Natural stone is one of the best thermal insulators and as such, they create ideal living conditions in spaces. In the very beginning, choosing natural stone for facades is more expensive but is cheaper in the long run than many modern insulation materials. This will eventually be reflected in lower electricity bills, but also a positive impact on the environment.

Curbstone for swimming pools

The curbstone is an important detail because the overall appearance of the pool and the space around the pool depends on it. In the beginning, choosing a natural limestone is a more expensive choice but in a long period, it is cheaper than many modern materials because natural stone does not require maintenance.

Limestone for floors and stairs

Natural limestone for stairs and floors gives the interiors a special stamp. In addition to beautifying the entire space, with a quality selection of the type of stone and finishing, its functionality comes to the fore. Due to the action of moisture, various loads on artificial materials, damage occurs. This means that it will fade or turn gray or lose its functionality. However, quality natural stone when used for floors or stairs lasts for centuries.

Limestone for interiors

Natural limestone for the interior gives the property a special stamp. In addition to beautifying the entire space, natural stone is an excellent natural insulator. In addition, with a quality selection of the type of stone and finishing, all these characteristics come to the fore even more.

Final Products Available

Slabs and blocks
Final products for: Facades, Floors, walls, treads, benches, solid elements, Cubes, Bunja, Complex products

How to order Croatian natural limestone?

If you choose Croatian natural limestone – that is the best choice. In a few simple clicks, send us an inquiry to which we will give you the best offer and solutions for you.