Croatian natural limestone materials in construction and architecture

Materials such as Croatian natural limestone are prized by architects. This natural material gives beauty to many buildings and interiors. Primarily because it is offered in a wide range of finishes, such as polished or brushed. The finish applied to the stone can change color, creating deeper or richer tones.

Brac limestone

Due to its excellent performance, Brac limestone is used in architecture and construction. The stone is known around the world because it was used in the construction of: Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the Parliament and the New Palace in Vienna, the Parliament in Budapest, the Governor’s Palace in Trieste, etc…

Plano Limestone

The Plano limestone is popular for its white color and low porosity. In other words, makes it one of the best choices in architecture and construction. Lately, it is increasingly used in many world-famous buildings.

Travertine limestone

Natural stone Travertine is available in several colors and easily fits into space itself. Thanks to its exceptional characteristics, it is a good choice for interiors and exteriors.

Final Products Available

Slabs and blocks
Final products for: Facades, Floors, walls, treads, benches, solid elements, Cubes, Bunja, Complex products

How to order Croatian natural limestone?

If your choice is Croatian natural limestone – you have made the best choice. In a few simple clicks, send us an inquiry to which we will give you the best offer and solutions for you.