For facades, we recommend the following stone finishes:


Natural stone is one of the oldest materials in the building, which is used for cladding facades. With the advent of technology of extraction, cutting, processing, stone has become more accessible. Today, the trend is to build sustainable buildings using environmentally friendly materials, so natural stone is one of the best solutions.

Great choice and natural look

Thanks to modern technology, natural stone is available in different colors, textures and finishes. Whether it is a modern or classic facades, natural stone will achieve the desired effect.

The stone has a natural beauty that makes it unique. It is extremely durable and fire-resistant. In addition, classic facades are damaged by rain, wind and sun. This means it will fade or turn gray. However, well-made stone facades can last for centuries.

If damage does occur, the stone facade can be repaired with the same type of stone. It follows that natural stone does not require maintenance or painting with expensive paints.

Real estate with a stone facade achieves a better price in the market

If you invest a lot of time and effort in decorating the facade, the use of natural stone is the best solution. Whether you want to sell or renovate your home, natural stone is an investment that will pay off many times over.

Such properties, due to their beauty and quality insulation, achieve a much better price on the market. So increase the value of your home with a natural stone facade!

How to order Stone for FACADE?

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