Technical characteristics


Diokles - Brač limestone

The DIOKLES limestone is characterized by its ancient appearance. It is used for facades and interiors – because it is really a type of stone of wide application.

It is the best choice for the facade and interior. Superior to artificial-industrial materials and many natural stones and fits perfectly into the environment.

This Brač stone of exceptional quality gives greater value to public space, real estate, home, or business space. No matter where Diokles used it, it is: unique and recognizable.


If you invest a lot of time and effort in landscaping, the use of natural stone is the best solution. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, natural stone is durable and intended for use in areas that experience large temperature changes throughout the year. In one word, natural stone is an excellent temperature insulator.


Diokles – brač limestone gives the interior a unique character. If you invest a lot of time and effort in interior design, show it in the best way. Choosing this Brač limestone is the best choice. You can design it according to your exact specifications, wishes, and needs.

How to order DIOKLES Brač limestone?

If your choice is natural stone – you are not wrong. In a few simple clicks, send us an inquiry and we will give you the best offer and solutions for you.

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